Murcof 'La Sangre Iluminada' LP

Murcof 'La Sangre Iluminada' LP

Re-issue of Murcof’s 2011 LP.

Fernando Corona, aka Murcof, has established himself as one of the founding fathers of the contemporary electronic avant-garde since the release of “Martes” in 2002. With each piece, the Mexican sound architect disrupts the parameters of space and time while cultivating a musical bouquet that is as organic as it is electric and blooms almost instinctively when transposed to the big screen.

This is the soundtrack of the movie “La Sangre Iluminada”, directed by Ivan
Duenas in 2009 and inspired by Jose Carlos Becerra’s poems, telling the story
of six characters who mutate into new bodies. Deep down, all six keep traces
of their past lives, of the former bodies they miss; deep-seated nostalgia has a
strong hold on them. The vast Mexican desert combines with Murcof’s
vaporous soundscapes to form the backdrop of a tale hovering between
tragedy and science fiction, which unfolds in a timeless world devoid of points
of reference.
Murcof creates a world of sounds in perfect osmosis with the distress of the
characters. Lyrical, dream-like and graceful, Ivan Avila Duenas’ images and
Murcof’s score become one. Minimalistic, abstract and refined, the fruit of
their association is fascinating, giving both listener and spectator access to
emotion in its purest form.