Oceansize 'Everyone Into Position' 2xLP

Oceansize 'Everyone Into Position' 2xLP

Manchester rock band Oceansize built a career and reputation of constructing sonic soundscapes from out of nowhere into the most monolithic, dynamic behemoths heard in aeons.
The band formed in 1998 and released four albums before calling it a day in 2011. They gained favourable comparisons in the press to bands like Mogwai, Tool, Nirvana, Jane’s Addiction, My Bloody Valentine, Can and Faith No More among others.
Oceansize challenged themselves and thus by the same token ensured the listener didn’t become comfortable while listening. And let's face it, - comfortable is, after all, boring.
‘Everyone Into Position’ was Oceansize’s second studio album. Beggars Arkive are reissuing the album on splattered yellow double vinyl.


Catalogue number: BBQ244LP2

Condition: New

Label: Beggars Arkive

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