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Oozing Wound 'We Cater To Cowards' LP

Oozing Wound 'We Cater To Cowards' LP

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Limited silver vinyl.

We Cater To Cowards builds exponentially on its predecessor High Anxiety’s experiments with dynamics and unusual instrumentation While songs start with Zack Weil’s arrangements, they mutate in the practice space when the monstrous rhythm section of Kevin Cribbin and Kyle Reynolds forge the pieces into grotesque new shapes. From the complex rhythms of “Crypto Fash”, to the Beethoven-inspired slabs of the sound of “Total Existence Failure”, the arrangements are inventive and unexpected. Horns from longtime friends Thyme Jones and Bruce “Hesh” Lamont add depth and texture to Weil’s rippling distortion throughout, at times subtly blended into the mix only to erupt into a full skronk solo on “Old Sludge”. The complex arrangements and unexpected sounds elevate and enhance the group’s searing sonics without losing its focus. We Cater To Cowards is the band’s most daring and devastating album; it is a refreshing and exhilarating mutation of genres forging Oozing Wounds’ own distinct path. As Weil aptly puts it: “we don’t care about propriety or the sanctity of TRVE METAL or any of that bullshit.” Thank God they don’t. For those who do care to dig a little deeper, We Cater To Cowards is a deeply rewarding pummeling good time.


Condition: New

Label: Thrill Jockey

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