Peter and the Test Tube Babies 'That Shallot' LP

Peter and the Test Tube Babies 'That Shallot' LP

Peter And The Test Tube Babies release their first new album since 2004. Entitled That Shallot, the album is released by Arising Empire, a division of Nuclear Blast. With a return to form, the majority of the songs on the album have been written by Peter and Derek together and are destined, surely, to become Test Tubes classics. New bassist Nick has also chipped in with two of his own songs and there are plenty of surprises in store for the lucky listeners. This is by far the band’s most diverse album and it sounds all the better for it. From the outrageously bluegrass leanings of Silicone Beer Gut to the super catchy None Of Your Fucking Business the band have hit the ground running and have pulled no punches in delivering their best ever album. With contributions by Lars from Rancid and ukulele punk sensations The Pukes amongst others, this album deserves to be huge – it certainly sounds huge! Also Olga from the Toy Dolls helped working on it.


Catalogue number: AE4044-1

Condition: New

Label: Arising Empire