Petrol Girls 'The Future Is Dark EP' 12"

Petrol Girls 'The Future Is Dark EP' 12"

Petrol Girls release their new EP The Future Is Dark via Hassle Records. The EP is named after a Virginia Woolf quote that writer Rebecca Solnit uses as a starting point for her essay ‘Woolf’s Darkness,’ in ‘Men Explain Things To Me.’ Lead track Sister is a tender and expansive post-hardcore track that alternates between cool spoken-word intensity and fiery screaming eclipses. It’s a song about the ties of sisterhood, and learning to trust again after being pitted against each other. The EP also includes the previously-released single Survivor, which is inspired by the growing movement against sexual violence. Strike closes out the EP and is a track about political organising and how taking care, making space, reflecting and recognising our fuck ups are just as important as the direct action itself. For fans of: La Dispute, Bikini Kill and Gouge Away

Catalogue number: HOFF287LP

Condition: New

Label: Hassle

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