Pink Mountaintops 'Peacock Pools' LP

Pink Mountaintops 'Peacock Pools' LP

Pre-order. Due 6th May.

Limited peacock plume vinyl.

Since their 2004 self-titled debut, Pink Mountaintops have supplied an outlet for the more arcane fascinations of Black Mountain frontman Stephen McBean.
On ‘Peacock Pools’, Pink Mountaintops’ fifth full length album, the British Columbia-born singer / songwriter / multi-instrumentalist shares 12 songs sparked from his magpie-like curiosity for a wild expanse of cultural artifacts, including David Cronenberg, Disney Read-Along Records, early Pink Floyd, John Carpenter movies and a 1991 essay on the cult of bodybuilding, among others.
Featuring counterculture icons like Steven McDonald of Redd Kross and Dale Crover of Melvins, ‘Peacock Pools’ is the sonic equivalent of falling down a thousand rabbit holes at once and landing somewhere gloriously strange.


Condition: New

Label: ATO

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