Pixies 'Beneath The Eyrie' LP

Pixies 'Beneath The Eyrie' LP
Limited coloured vinyl pressing in gatefold sleeve.

After three decades beset with upheavals, splits, trials, and tribulations, Pixies was finally a band at ease with itself. Their first era – when Charles Thompson IV returned from a student exchange trip to Puerto Rico, dropped out of college, renamed himself Black Francis and, in January 1986, convinced his ex-University of Massachusetts Amherst roommate Joey Santiago to start a band with him – redefined alternative rock and set the dynamic blueprint not just for grunge but underground guitar music for decades to come.


Beneath The Eyrie recaptures the rabid velocity, boundless invention and vivid, enveloping aesthetic of Pixies’ legendary early albums without feeling the need to recreate them. Visceral, musically cinematic, otherworldly but strangely familiar, the album tells tales of witches, Daniel Boone, misfits and other characters, fitting utterly into the band’s inherent weirdness. Boasting 12 new songs, Beneath The Eyrie will be released globally on Friday, September 13 via the group’s new record label, Infectious / BMG

Catalogue number: 4050538513981

Condition: New

Label: BMG / Infectious

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