Quinn Oulton 'Alexithymia' LP

Quinn Oulton 'Alexithymia' LP


Quinn Oulton’s debut album Alexithymia is a deconstruction of the struggle that many young men face when processing and expressing strong emotions. It takes the form of a linear story, pieced together from many moments of emotional intensity Quinn has faced throughout his life, existing within all types of personal relationships. This is a project that sees the stylistic and textural experimentation from his previous work fuse into a powerfully creative, personal, and emotive sound, channelling the albums title name: Alexithymia is the inability to recognize or describe one's own emotions. The album was written, performed and co-produced by Quinn Oulton, and it includes tracks featuring Moses Boyd and Genevieve Artadi.

Catalogue number: DM012

Condition: New

Label: DeepMatter

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