Robert Görl & DAF ‘Nur Noch Einer’ LP

Robert Görl & DAF ‘Nur Noch Einer’ LP

For music lovers across the globe, the German electronic duo DAF are one thing in particular: the result of a symbiotic and simultaneously disruptive connection between long time band members Robert Görl and Gabriel Delgado.
These exceptional artists’ big, screen-worthy squabbles couldn’t hold back the explosive combo over the long haul. Only Gabi Delgado’s death in March 2020 - just when Görl and Delgado had set out to record a new album - would put a painful end to this felicitous collaboration.
For Robert Görl, this album, with the telling name ‘Nur Noch Einer’ (Down to One) is more than a tribute to his late bandmate, it is a way of bidding farewell to Delgado.
Catalogue number: LPGRON227

Condition: New

Label: Groenland

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