Roxy Music 'For Your Pleasure' LP

Roxy Music 'For Your Pleasure' LP

Pre-order. Due 1st April.


Half speed remaster reissue.

1973's For Your Pleasure is the second and final album Roxy music performed with Brian Eno, who left the British band over what seemed to be creative differences. After their excellent self-titled debut, these guys could have played it safe, but they instead pick up where they left off and venture into uncharted territory. Brilliant glimpses of bold avant-garde rock highlight key tracks such as the brash and confident opener Do The Strand, the elegant Beauty Queen, and the signature cut Editions Of You. as any great band would, Roxy music isn't afraid to get a little weird on us and test our patience; case in point is Bogus Man, an instrumental that takes its sweet time during its 9 minute running time.


Catalogue number: RMLP2

Condition: New

Label: Virgin / Universal

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