Sebadoh 'Act Surprised' LP

Sebadoh 'Act Surprised' LP

***Sold Out*** Available as Dinked Editon tri-colour vinyl with sticker sheet, lyric insert, and postcard. Limited to 500 copies only. Hand numbered. ***Sold Out*** Handful available in-store on release day.

Also available as a white vinyl LP.

The inventors of lo-fi indie rock return with a 15-track blast of melodic melancholy, all delivered by the smudged middle finger of Dinosaur Jr original Lou Barlow…

“The auteur of the subterranean lovesick blues.” Houston Press
Their first studio album since 2013’s ‘Defend Yourself’ and their first release with Fire Records, Lou Barlow and team return with a smorgasbord of beautifully dysfunctional tunes harking back to their finest college rock anthems.

It’s Barlow at his introverted songwriting best; matter-of-factly delivering a stream of self-questioning stories, punctuated by detuned guitars, spine-tingling time changes and throwaway one liners.

A grainy post grunge postcard wrapped in bittersweet melodies with an aftertaste that’s pure heartbreak.

More songs about growing up wrong for those who continue to act surprised at life itself - all illegibly handwritten and lovingly submitted to vinyl.

Condition: New

Label: Fire

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