Sleaford Mods 'Austerity Dogs' LP

Sleaford Mods 'Austerity Dogs' LP

Pre-order. Due 30th October.

Neon yellow vinyl.

"Its about time that these shores had some decent working class music to cling to. Proper working class music with an edge and a vitality, a wit and wisdom all of its own. Something that those stuck in a hopeless job can relate to and use as inspiration, something to shove right up the gaffers arsehole. This rampant consumerist, downtrodden, tits up, coalition led, recession stuck nation needs the Sleaford Mods like no band that ever went before. Really needs them. 

'Austerity Dogs' is a gathering together of cuts from several earlier Sleaford Mod releases with a few new tracks thrown in for good measure. Twelve tracks in all, each one destined for greatness. 'Urine Mate, Welcome To The Club' sets the tone with a rap intro by local Forest lad John Paul that mentions the 'the cunts in the armed labelled coats, looking at me like they want to slit my fucking throat' . 'anyway I'm enjoying mesen' before it all kicks off with the single word 'Spectre'  which will mean absolutely nothing to anybody living outside Britain, there are no apologies to those who can not unravel the inner workings of the northern working class language, this is as raw as its possible to get, no concessions are made, its one of their greatest strengths.

Catalogue number: EE004

Condition: New

Label: Extreme Eating

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