Spike Fuck 'The Smackwave EP' 12"

Spike Fuck 'The Smackwave EP' 12"
Newly signed to Partisan Records (IDLES, Fontaines D.C., Cigarettes After Sex), Spike Fuck first came to prominence as a striking figure in the explosive flourishing of musical creativity that has recently occurred in Melbourne.

Partisan release ‘The Smackwave EP’ physically for the first time, including the bonus track ‘Body By Crystal’. Her debut album is due for release next year.

Drawing from a difficult period of heroin addiction, Spike creates beautifully infectious, Triffids-tinged rock and roll songs which describe, with unflinching candour and white hot urgency, the peaks and valleys of that lifestyle, recalling at times the febrile music scene of 80’s New York and cult heroes like Jim Carroll and Johnny Thunders.

Spike Fuck is inspired primarily by love and obsession, addiction, sexual disorientation, Catholic guilt and washed up 60s musicians who make overproduced comeback albums a decade later crying out for redemption and maybe even just a little bit of the limelight back. Spike Fuck describes her work as “smackwave” - a blend of late 80s new wave with equal parts late 70s post-punk, with a dash of country music/singer- songwriter sensibilities delivered in Las Vegas Ballroom karaoke vocal style.

“Is Spike Australia's most exciting songwriter?” - Vice

“Meet Spike Fuck, Rick Owens’ new favourite musician” - Dazed

“With that first release she started a beautifully honest conversation about addiction, loneliness and gender identity” - i-D

“Honest and unvarnished, ‘Junkie Logic’ details its writers’ problems with drug abuse through the odd, yet apt lens of glistening, 80s power-balladry/loner-rock that patrols the darkest of tunnels, forever seeking the light at the end.” - God Is In The TV


Catalogue number: PTKF2164-1

Condition: New

Label: Partisan

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