Sports Team 'Deep Down Happy' LP

Sports Team 'Deep Down Happy' LP
Limited indies only orange coloured vinyl or black vinyl.
Sports Team are a band of six singular characters who have been described as one of the most raucous, electrifying and chaotic acts in the UK. It’s been an extraordinary year for the band, who have built a large, fiercely loyal and fervent fanbase. Their debut album Deep Down Happy, looks set to deliver on all bold claims, and confirm their place at the head of a group of young guitar acts. Their debut album Deep Down Happy is 12 scabrous vignettes about the trials and tribulations, the hopes and the dreams, of young Brits - and about the obstacles they face. The songs are sharply drawn pen portraits of smalltown suffocation, inequality and ultimately escapism. You can always go to London is a phrase that occurs both at the beginning and at the end of Sports Team’s debut album - a record that alternately celebrates and criticises the banal and mundane, the claustrophobia, community and creative richness of suburban life.                      


Catalogue number: 869214

Condition: New

Label: Island

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