C.W. Stoneking 'King Hokum' LP

C.W. Stoneking 'King Hokum' LP

Christopher William "C.W." Stoneking (born 1974) is an Australian blues singer-songwriter, revivalists of bygone music lend themselves to nostalgia, cabaret and twee fetishisation of the past. It’s a rare act who eludes this trap; CW Stoneking is one with a flair for making old-timey sounds into party music for the present. C.W. Stoneking presents here his debut album release 'King Hokum' produced by J. Walker (Machine Translations), it contains 11 of C.W.'s original numbers.
Set in an imaginary old-time Southern town populated with singing dodo birds, sinister handymen, brokenhearted street singers and old testament field hollerers, the album also features C.W.'s backing band the Primitive Horn Orchestra on a number of tunes helping to complete the 1920's southern gothic blues sound.


Catalogue number: KHR01LP

Condition: New

Label: King Hokum Records

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