Swans 'Die Tur Ist Zu' 2xLP

Swans 'Die Tur Ist Zu' 2xLP
Reissue of 1996 Swans release.
Contains early, German-language versions of two songs on the then unreleased Soundtracks for the Blind album, two studio outtakes ("Surrogate Drones" which would also appear later on Soundtracks for the Blind, and "You Know Everything (reprise 1991)" recorded for White Light From the Mouth of Infinity and already released on the "Celebrity Lifestyle" CD single), a radio performance excerpt from the VPRO session on 14 December 1994, and two live songs from the Astoria, London, 1995.


Catalogue number: STUMM422

Condition: New

Label: Mute

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