The Crookes 'Lucky Ones' LP

The Crookes 'Lucky Ones' LP

"Strong woozy melodies with sharp production, freshness and vigour" (Gigwise) Lucky Ones is the 4th full-length album from Sheffield-based band The Crookes and the first on their own label, Anywhere Records. The new album sees the band experimenting with a purer, more focussed style of songwriting, and paying more attention to its sonic aspects and production values. George Waite's dulcet, honeyed tones open the album, singing: "I'll be yours all tonight, until the morning light, and then I'll be someone new," and although still melodically sound, there is something less reticent about the band. The first single, 'I Wanna Waste My Time On You', is a pertinent departure from the melancholy, and reinvents Romance in a bold and engaging light. Aesthetically drenched in colour, Hopewell's lyrics are forever awash with imagery, as Waite's vocal delivery beds and verves the line: "if they say we're trash, we'll float on the breeze". Rollicking in wanderlust, and comparing a lover to a blow-up doll, 'The World Is Waiting' is fervent - and a little tongue-in-cheek - while the hedonistic 'If Only For Tonight' illustrates a Las Vegas night out in a similar vein. 'Six Week Holiday' is used as a metaphor for growing up: "I was still young enough for true love, far too scared to ask; too shy to touch". The Crookes are George Waite (vocals/bass guitar), Daniel Hopewell (lyricist/guitar), Tom Dakin (guitar) and newcomer Adam Crofts (drums).

Catalogue number: ANY002LP

Condition: New

Label: Anywhere