The Go! Team ‘Cookie Scene’ 7"

The Go! Team ‘Cookie Scene’ 7"

Pre-order. Due 11th September.


The Go! Team return with new single ‘Cookie Scene’, a warped Daisy Age jam to melt pavements.
A bouncing flute pattern, finger clicks and firing ray guns make the ground for guest rapper IndigoYaj to skip on.
Team main man Ian Parton met Indigo in Detroit recording the last Go! Team record ‘Semicircle’ and she brings the Shante tone on ‘Cookie Scene’.
With the flute in a locked groove it makes way for junkshop percussion to go front and centre - built from a marching drum, a 50p against a glass bottle, rimshots and the maple on maple of drumsticks hit together.
Says Ian: “The stripped back swinging percussion of ‘Iko Iko’ by the Dixie Cups and the loud crunchy shaker in Salt-n-Pepa’s ‘Push It’ were both inspirations and I’ve always loved the way Bollywood or William Onyeabor songs would have random laser beams and electro toms popping up. I wanted to mix the street corner with the intergalactic, to take Detroit to outer space.”
Cookie Scene comes on yellow vinyl, backed with another new track, ‘Free Breakfast Program.
Offered to independent retailers as an exclusive.
The Go! Team’s new album is in the works and set for release in 2021.
Catalogue number: MI0636S

Condition: New

Label: Memphis Industries

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