The Juan Maclean 'The Brighter The Light' 2xLP

The Juan Maclean 'The Brighter The Light' 2xLP

The Juan Maclean return to DFA with a compilation of 12” singles they’ve amassed over the past six years - re-edited, re-mastered and ready for fans who may have missed the tracks the first time around.

From the dub house sway of 2013’s ‘You Are My Destiny’ to the high-energy stomp of ‘Zone Non Linear’ and featuring two never-before-released tracks, ‘Quiet Magician’ and ‘Pressure Danger’, The Juan Maclean once again justify their longevity as a musical force more than capable of repurposing club tracks for every setting.

‘The Brighter The Light’ is put together in a way that lends itself to appreciating the sheer banging quality of the songs while simultaneously being able to dance to them in your living room. For example, take ‘Feel Like Movin’, which Pitchfork called “gloriously beatific” and “pure DFA gold.” In the new remastered version, the fullness of the keys and the kicks takes over, unfurling across the listener.

Deep house rhythms, sparkling synths and a certain spaciousness are what’s emphasized across the record. Gone is the slow-motion melancholy disco from their recent full lengths - ‘The Brighter The Light’ is all fierce enthusiasm and dancefloor missives, perfect for those who aren’t quite ready to let go of summer.


Catalogue number: DFA2647LP

Condition: New

Label: DFA

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