The Koreatown Oddity ‘ISTHISFORREAL?’ LP

Available on Pink/White/Green Tri-colour vinyl and standard black vinyl.

‘ISTHISFORREAL?’ is the new album from The Koreatown Oddity and the follow up to his cult record, ‘Little Dominiques Nosebleed’.
‘ISTHISFORREAL?’ is a sketch show meets mockumentary concept album inspired by a joke based on the concept of British actors playing Black Americans in leading roles in film and TV.
‘ISTHISFORREAL?’ is a part sketch show, part mockumentary concept album about realising that the things you thought were real are actually different.
Dominique Purdy aka The Koreatown Oddity is a Los Angeles MC / producer who is also a humourist, screenwriter and self-described ‘overall visionary’.
Creative album campaign includes comedy sketches, music videos, new photos, engaging social posts, Richard Pryor cube art installations, online splash page and wheatpaste posters.
For fans of Danny Brown, Quelle Chris, Quakers,
Knxwledge, Reggie Watts.
The Koreatown Oddity has collaborated with artists such as Benny Sings, Ras G, Quakers, J Rocc, Roc Marciano and more.

Condition: New

Label: Stones Throw

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