The Meteors 'Doing The Lord's Work' 2xLP

The Meteors 'Doing The Lord's Work' 2xLP

Pre-order. Due 17th December.

Dark green vinyl.

Reissue of classic Psychobilly standard-bearers The Meteors Doing The Lord’s Work from 2012.

For more than three decades, The Meteors have been fiercely carrying the banner of pure Psychobilly. Raucous, die-hard and wildly entertaining mix of rockabilly, country, surf and punk rock combined with horror themes, Doing The Lord’s Work would be the perfect accompaniment during a visit to the bar in Dusk Til Dawn, or a night hammering tequila and breaking the law.

P. Paul Fenech and his band of rebels excel in extending their middle finger salute to everyone and everything on this barn-stormer, including an inspired Morricone-esque cover of Black Sabbath’s Paranoid that has to be one of the best out there. Invented in 1980 as a sound of their own, psychobilly has grown into a world-wide genre with The Meteors on the throne as undisputed kings.

Released on luxurious gatefold on limited dark green vinyl with an etching on the D side. Soundtrack for pagan rituals, bar fights and brawls, drinking sessions and desert motorbike racing that rocks hard all the way from beginning to end.


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