The Range ‘Mercury’ LP

The Range ‘Mercury’ LP

In April of 2018 James Hinton relocated from Brooklyn to isolate himself in the Green Mountains of Vermont and continue to work on the tracks that would make up his rave and grime-influenced fourth album as The Range.
On ‘Mercury’, out on Domino, Hinton builds on the techniques he established on his critically acclaimed 2016 album, ‘Potential’, seeking to create human connection in the Internet age through sampling vocalists from the corners of YouTube, Instagram and Periscope.
‘Mercury’ is moody, transportive, and undeniably rave- infused, and although it is indebted to IDM mainstays like Aphex Twin and grime pioneers like Skepta, the album finds Hinton pushing himself outside the constraints of any one specific genre. The result is both maximalist and restrained, huge soft synths up against cruising beats to offset the compressed vocals of his carefully chosen clips.
‘Mercury’ was produced by James Hinton with additional production by Damian Taylor (Bicameral, Ricercar, Relegate), mixed by Lexxx (Alex Dromgoole) except for ‘Relegate’ which was mixed by Damian Taylor, and mastered by Dave Cooley at Elysian Masters in Los Angeles, CA.
LP in black standard weight vinyl with printed inner sleeve and two-page insert and digital download card.
Catalogue number: WIGLP412

Condition: New

Label: Domino

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