Tropical Fuck Storm 'Submersive Behaviour' LP

Tropical Fuck Storm 'Submersive Behaviour' LP


Enter the wonderful world of the amazing Tropical Fuck Storm! Submersive Behaviour is our favourite Australian art-punk combo’s take on the tried and true “covers record” concept. Over the course of 36 minutes, TFS puts their deranged spin on classics by Jimi Hendrix, Middle Aged in the Middle East in the Middle Ages, Men Men Menstration, Compliments to the Chef, and The Stooges.

Guest starring their old kangaroo mates and collaborators Dan Kelly, the Bard of Beenleigh and Aaron Cupples, the Earl of East Gippsland on octopus like strings-man-ship, falsetto and apocalyptic vibes. Cover art by acclaimed illustrator Plastic Crimewave

Condition: New

Label: Joyful Noise

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