Unloved ‘The Pink Album’ 2xLP

Unloved ‘The Pink Album’ 2xLP

Pre-order. Due 7th October.

Unloved’s latest release, ‘The Pink Album’, is dawn and dusk, the epic and the intimate. This 22- track double album, its title inspired by the artwork of Julian House, features collaborations with Jarvis Cocker, Étienne Daho, Raven Violet and Jon Spencer.
Pink has its modulations: shocking at times but signifying also tenderness, intimacy, the carnal. ‘The Pink Album’ knows the shades of love, its nuances, and how it can be delicious - and frightening. Marvellous - and aching. Rather than be the silver lining to the cloud, ‘The Pink Album’ mines deeper, to a precious ore, dark and glittering.

Catalogue number: HVNLP206C

Condition: New

Label: Heavenly

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