Wrangler ‘A Situation’ 2xLP

Wrangler ‘A Situation’ 2xLP

Following their critically acclaimed collaboration with John Grant on last year’s Creep Show project, Wrangler announce their new album, ‘A Situation’, released via Bella Union.
When Wrangler first formed they had a very simple modus operandi. The clue was in their name. Ben ‘Benge’ Edwards (The Maths), Stephen ‘Mal’ Mallinder (Cabaret Voltaire) and Phil Winter (Tuung) would get together with a very select kit list of careworn analogue synthesisers and vintage digital sequencers. Their task? To wrangle new music from the ancient equipment. These self-imposed restrictions helped produced two classic long players: ‘LA Spark’ (2014) and ‘White Glue’ (2016).
However, the times have changed and so have Wrangler. The coming decade, which looks set to be dubbed the Terrible Twenties, may be the last time that bands actually get to release albums. Ecological collapse, climate crisis, food shortages and the disintegration of the fabric of society will mean that the slow devolution of the music industry isn’t even one of the main things that musicians (or anyone else) should be worrying about, so the trio have thrown everything into their third (but hopefully not their last) album. The result - ‘A Situation’ - is simultaneously their bleakest and funkiest release to date.
This collection of warm, reverberant, amped up tracks, that land somewhere between future music, synth pop, industrial dance, classic techno and rigid electro, captures the ambiguities of the group perfectly. Just as they use the ageing outmoded equipment that other people once chose to throw away in order to make tomorrow’s music, they are the paranoid group who (just about) dare to hope that things still might turn out OK. They cast a doleful eye across the hellscape of 2019 and state, if the end is truly nigh, then it’s never been more important to celebrate the little time we have left. And if a revolution to save ourselves is possible then we’re all in need of a revolutionary party, with a revolutionary soundtrack to match.
Double LP pressed on 140g vinyl with digital download code.

Catalogue number: BELLA984V

Condition: New

Label: Bella Union

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