Yaeji & OHHYUK ‘Year to Year’ / ‘29’ 7"

Yaeji & OHHYUK ‘Year to Year’ / ‘29’ 7"

Pre-order. Due 11th February.


NYC-based producer and artist Yaeji, in collaboration with OHHYUK, founder of the Seoul based indie band HYUKOH, announces a new double A side single, ‘Year to Year’ / ‘29’.
Starting as sketches exchanged between the two artists, the songs took full shape when they connected for studio sessions in Seoul earlier this year.
‘29’ sees Yaeji rapping in her signature, trance-like style over OHHYUK’s indie-influenced pulsating drums and Bossa guitar.
‘Year to Year' is a more cinematic indie affair with a drum & bass inspired breakdown.
These latest songs see Yaeji once again exploring the boundaries of pop, and it’s OHHYUK’s influence of his distinctive alt-indie that drives the singles home.
Available to independent retailers on 7” single.
Catalogue number: XL1211S

Condition: New

Label: XL

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