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BC Camplight 'The Last Rotation Of Earth' LP

BC Camplight 'The Last Rotation Of Earth' LP

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Dinked Edition 239 (***SOLD OUT***)

  • “The Doomsday Edition” 140g blue marble vinyl
  • “I’m Alright In The World” flexi disc (signed & hand numbered)
  • 4 panel pull out poster
  • Limited pressing of 700

Also available on cream vinyl

Is there a curse that says Brian ‘BC Camplight’ Christinzio cannot move forward without being knocked back? That the greatest material is born out of emotional trauma? 

Whilst making his new album The Last Rotation Of Earth, Christinzio’s relationship with his fiancé crumbled after nine inseparable years. The album follows this break-up amid long-term struggles with addiction and declining mental health. The outcome is an extraordinary record, with Christinzio describing it as “more cinematic, sophisticated, and nuanced than anything I’ve done before. And more desperate”. 


That Christinzio has bettered his previous album is an achievement, given that Shortly After Takeoff received the best reviews of his life. “A masterpiece,” said The Guardian’s 5 star review, “a half hour or so that roils with anxiety, stuns with beauty and, occasionally, provokes laughter.” Even then, fate intervened when the album was released in April 2020, just as Covid and lockdown kicked in, so he was unable to tour the record until late 2021. The Philadelphian then joked, “I can't wait to make an album that isn’t surrounded by some awful tragedy.”


Condition: New

Label: Bella Union

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