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Big Break 'Angel's Piss' LP

Big Break 'Angel's Piss' LP

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Big Break occur somewhere in the cracks between hardcore, new wave and egg punk. Apparently unable to concentrate on a song for longer than 2 minutes, their music is minimalist, agitated and addictive. Taking inspiration from the likes of Devo, Negative Approach and Food Fight by The Village People, they combine hyper guitar hooks with taut rhythms and break-neck changes of pace. Recorded at Sheffield's Delicious Clam Studio, their debut album, Angel's Piss, features songs about the gaffer (bad), computer phones (bad), bank holidays (good), relationships (mostly bad), and bodily fluids(depends). It's an on/off, in/out, bits and pieces document of the band's first LP that captures their raw energy and sense of immediacy. Formed in the basement of the aforementioned Delicious Clam, the band's current and previous musical incarnations include Best Friends, The Hipshakes, Nai Harvest, Avida Dollars, Thee Mightees, Joy Boys, Thumbuster, Champayne, Town Cruise and more. “Words from us, the label, some context...Will Pearce, who spent a healthy couple of years in the Hey Colossus group, moved to Sheffield. He was soon embroiled in the deep music scene, hitting up the Delicious Clam venue and becoming smitten with Big Break-the band help run the place. He knew we, WSR, were all about gnarly snot nosed sounds and fired it our way. This is how it works. Be active. Be involved. This record is a pure adrenalin rush, straight to yer unspeakables. Pressed at 45rpm, a brief 12songs, barely enough time to climb onto the arm of your sofa and dive into the telly. File next to the good stuff, the stuff that makes you get the hell on with things. It's a total ripper of a record”–WrongSpeed


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Label: Wrong Speed

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