Albums Of The Year 2023

Here's our top 50 albums of 2023!

Full details on each album of the year are below!

1. Be Your Own Pet 'Mommy' LP
2. Upchuck 'Bite The Hand That Feeds' LP
3. Creation Rebel 'Hostile Environment' LP
4. Larry June and The Alchemist 'The Great Escape' LP
5. The Necks 'Travel' 2xLP
6. Lankum 'False Lankum' 2xLP
7. Hotline TNT 'Cartwheel' LP
8. Yo La Tengo 'This Stupid World' 2xLP
9. Overmono 'Good Lies' LP
10. Wednesday 'Rat Saw God' LP
11. Nabihah Iqbal 'Dreamer' LP
12. Eddie Chacon 'Sundown' LP
13. Kelela 'Raven' 2xLP
14. Meg Baird 'Furling' LP
15. John Francis Flynn 'Look Over The Wall, See The Sky' LP
16. Sleaford Mods 'UK GRIM'
17. Yussef Dayes 'Black Classical Music' 2xLP
18. Julie Byrne 'The Greater Wings' LP
19. African Head Charge 'A Trip To Bolgatanga' LP
20. Craven Faults 'Standers'
21. Jalen Ngonda 'Come Around and Love Me' LP
22. Cian Nugent 'She Brings Me Back To The Land Of The Living' LP
23. Bell Witch 'Future's Shadow Part 1: The Clandestine Gate' 2xLP
24. Reverend Kristin Michael Hayter 'SAVED!' LP
25. ANOHNI and the Johnsons 'My Back Was A Bridge For You To Cross' LP
26. Earl Sweatshirt 'SICK!' LP
27. David Julyan 'Hireth' LP
28. Holy Fawn 'Dimensional Bleed' LP
29. Jessy Lanza 'Love Hallucination' LP
30. Jpegmafia & Danny Brown 'Scaring The Hoes' LP
31. Khanate 'To Be Cruel' 2xLP
32. Lucinda Chua 'YIAN' LP
33. North Americans 'Long Cool World' LP
34. Ben Chasny / Rick Tomlinson 'Waves' LP
35. Sister Wives 'Y Gawres' LP
36. Loraine James 'Gentle Confrontation' 2xLP
37. PJ Harvey 'I Inside the Old Year Dying' LP
38. Benefits 'Nails' LP
39. Mutoid Man 'Mutants' LP
40. OSEES 'Intercepted Message' LP
41. Slowdive 'everything is alive' LP
42. Gotts Street Park 'On The Inside' LP
43. Bobby Lee 'Endless Skyways' LP
44. bar italia 'The Twits' LP
45. Kofi Flexxx 'Flowers in the Dark' 2xLP
46. Grian Chatten 'Chaos For The Fly' LP
47. Janelle Monae 'The Age of Pleasure' LP
48. Sam Prekop & John McEntire ‘Sons Of’ 2xLP
49. bdrmm 'I Don't Know' LP
50. Jim Ghedi & Toby Hay 'Jim Ghedi & Toby Hay' LP