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Accidental Suicide 'Deceased' LP

Accidental Suicide 'Deceased' LP

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The cult 1992 debut of doom-tinged death metal savagery with original cover artwork and full lyrics. Formed in 1989 in Milwaukee, Wisconsin USA & among the group of earlier death metal acts to grace the label roster, Accidental Suicide released their one, sole album in 1992, originally through Peaceville's Deaf Records imprint, which was the initial home of other notable acts such as At The Gates and Morta Skuld. Being much more than a pure "blast" styled death metal outfit, Accidental Suicide introduced and utilised a doomier presence also, even recalling other classic pioneers of the genre such as Paradise Lost to lend a twisted and at times sombre dynamic to the tracks, with this effective diversity to the compositions through the tempo variations and deranged melodic passages scattered throughout the album. The tortured and sinister vocals of Ed Jackson narrate tales of morbid brutality and murder behind a wall of punishing riffs, for what stands as a prime example of classic early 90's death metal execution.


Condition: New

Label: Peaceville


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