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Baroness 'Stone' LP

Baroness 'Stone' LP

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Grammy-nominated heavy rock band Baroness are back with their new album STONE. The Philly-based quartet of John Baizley (guitar/vocals/illustration), Gina Gleason (guitar), Nick Jost (bass) and Sebastian Thomson (drums) embrace a vast multi-genre vocabulary on their sixth album, STONE of the critically acclaimed predecessor Gold & Gray (2019). This is still very much Baroness - just refocused to be more efficient and rethought for stability. STONE's standout tracks, "Last Word," "Beneath the Rose," "Shine," and "Anodyne," reflect thoughtfully, groovy, and effortlessly break up the tumult.

While Baroness STONE was writing, Baizley recorded and premixed the album. After the group finished recording the drums, guitars and bass, they took everything back to Baizley's basement - which is also where parts of Gold & Gray were recorded - to record the vocals and add other details. STONE was then turned over to Grammy-nominated mixmaster Joe Barresi (Kyuss, Alice In Chains) and Grammy-winning mastering guru Bob Ludwig (Led Zeppelin, Nirvana) at Gateway Mastering Studios for final mixing and polishing.

Baroness received a GRAMMY® Award nomination for the song "Shock Me" (from the 2015 album Purple) in the category "Best Metal Performance". Purple has been acclaimed around the world: Pitchfork wrote that it contains "some of the greatest and strongest songs Baroness has ever written", and Mojo proclaimed "Baroness delivered their masterpiece". The album garnered numerous year-end awards, including "Shock Me" at #10 on Entertainment Weekly's Top 40 Songs of 2015, #6 on Pitchfork's Best Metal Albums of 2015, and #7 on their Top 20 Metal Albums of 2015 2015 by Rolling Stone. The band's catalog of studio albums is: Gold & Gray (2019), Purple (2015), Yellow & Green (2012), Blue Record (2009), Red Album (2007).


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Label: Abraxan Hymns

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