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Body / Dilloway / Head 'Body / Dilloway / Head' LP

Body / Dilloway / Head 'Body / Dilloway / Head' LP

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This debut album resulted from Body / Head (the duo of Kim Gordon (Sonic Youth, solo) and Bill Nace) handing over previously unreleased studio sessions to Aaron Dilloway (solo, formerly of Wolf Eyes) for processing and editing.

The result is unmistakably a complete synthesis of their respective sounds and styles, a sum that makes sense and leaves you wondering 'how didn't this happen sooner?' Any attempt to describe the nature of this particular collaboration is fraught, with it impossible to say where lines might get drawn, because there simply aren't any. One of this LP's many pleasures is the inability to identify specific emotions within it, despite the undeniable emotional responses it elicits. Instead, these are memories of moods, nascent feelings we haven't grown into yet. As a wise and oft-repeated doctor once told/warned us, 'don't dream it, (listen in and) be it' - give yourself over to Body / Dilloway / Head.

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