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Brainwaltzera 'Epi-Log' LP

Brainwaltzera 'Epi-Log' LP

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The shrouded producer continues to demonstrate a breadth of skill as both a musician and engineer,

with another collection of deep and textured recordings for the FILM label, intended as an "Epi-Log" to the artist's debut album Poly-Ana.

Continuing the exploration of crystalline IDM, proto-Electro, Ambient and other curious strains of left-field music, Brainwaltzera looks out across a colourful and varied sonic landscape, drawing on a wealth of classic influences all the while maintaining that unique and instantly recognisable finish.

Low slung 4/4 opener Triangulate Dither (fairytall Version) hinges on fathoms deep synth work, moving about a playful hook that operates in stark contrast to the track’s heavy, tape distorted finish. Laif Of Smit touches on new territory - a nod to contemporary Beats production, complete with pitch shifted vocal and heady, warping bassline - before beatless recording [take 2] brings the listener back into a more familiar space: a beautiful ambient segue reminiscent of the producer’s earlier productions on the label. Countdempops showcases Brainwaltzera’s simple yet effective drum work - a perfectly executed, emotive cut centred around a dusty break. Bad Endgar focuses more on the high frequencies - a crisp, clean Electro production, featuring those signature sliding synths now a characteristic of the producer’s music. Uptempo closer Dropp on Gminor rounds off the EP with a kind of Folk meets Footwork piece that lifts the record’s final notes into a tentatively more euphoric state.

Heavy on atmosphere, rich in inherent musicality and beautifully executed - the Brainwaltzera journey continues with another solid offering on the FILM label.

Catalogue number: FILM012

Condition: New

Label: Film
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