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Charles Bradley 'Black Velvet' LP

Charles Bradley 'Black Velvet' LP

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Black Velvet is an extraordinary collection of 10 tracks making their LP debut. In addition to fan favourites like Charles' covers of Nirvana's Stay Away, Neil Young's Heart Of Gold, and Rodriguez's Slip Away - this album features 4 never-before-heard tracks from Producer Tommy 'TNT' Brenneck's vaults. Black Velvet is a celebration of Charles Bradley, lovingly assembled by his friends and family at Dunham / Daptone Records. Though chronologically the material spans Charles' entire career, this is no anthology, greatest hits or other shallow rehashing of the songs that already made him famous. Black Velvet is a celebration of his life, and is destined to join Charles' first three albums alongside the cannon of essential soul records for the ages.

Condition: New

Label: Daptone

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