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Clark ‘Body Riddle’ 2xLP

Clark ‘Body Riddle’ 2xLP

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Clark announces a remastered edition of his 2006 album ‘Body Riddle’.
‘Body Riddle’: A remastered edition of the much loved 2006 album. Now regarded as something of a classic in the Clark catalogue, it has been cited by producers including Arca, Rustie and Hudson Mohawke as being an influential record. Writing for The Quietus back in 2014, Ed Gillett commented: “It’s no hyperbole to say that Clark’s 2006 LP ‘Body Riddle’ is one of electronic music's unheralded masterpieces, its layers of heat-warped melodies, flickering textures and muscular drumming (played by Clark himself) creating a beautiful and unstable mixture of violence and wistfulness. Its production is immaculate, almost inhumanly so, swaddling the listener in midrange before pummelling them viciously, shifting seamlessly between organic instruments and impossible, vertiginous sound design.”
2LP in 5mm spine printed sleeve, with black paper inner bags and digital download card. First time available on vinyl for 16 years. Remastered for increased dynamics and overseen by Clark.


Catalogue number: WARPLP149R

Condition: New

Label: Warp

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