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Current 93 'Night At The Four Winds Bar Maldoror' LP

Current 93 'Night At The Four Winds Bar Maldoror' LP

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A complete reworking of C93’s seminal and criminal Live At Bar Maldoror (1986), with the original album playing forwards in the right- hand channel, and playing backwards in the left-hand channel. This was in fact how David had wanted the album to be released in 1986, but technical problems with thus cutting the album at the time meant it was released in what he considered—and still considers— to be a flawed and failed manner. This is how it was meant to sound. 500 copies made. Inserted into a Risograph-printed brown-paper- bag sleeve, with artwork by David Tibet. Released to celebrate C93’s sold-out London Channelling (11 March 2023) for David’s 63rd BirthDay. Utterly beautiful mixed-coloured-vinyl.

PLEASE NOTE: the risograph-printed brown-paper-bag sleeves are thin and creased and will be slightly torn in places – THIS IS THE AESTHETIC AND IS DELIBERATE.


Catalogue number: DOARXII

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