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'Dancehall: The Rise Of Jamaican Dancehall Culture' Book

'Dancehall: The Rise Of Jamaican Dancehall Culture' Book

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New edition of Dancehall, Beth Lesser’s seminal photography and style book capturing the rise of Jamaican Dancehall Culture in the 1980s. The book also features a new introduction by the British fashion designer and art curator Duro Olowu.

Featuring 100s and 100s of amazing photographs - all with accompanying text, interviews and biographies,'Dancehall' is an essential reference book for anyone interested in Reggae and captures a previously unseen era of musical culture, fashion and lifestyle in stunning, vibrant colour.

Aside from the music, this book is as much about Jamaican fashion and style. Beth Lesser’s Dancehall photographs in this book have directly influenced fashion brands including Aimé Leon Dore (‘Kingston 1983’ collection), recent Levi’s Vintage and Farah collections.

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