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Dimas III 'I Won't Love You Again / So Funny' 7"

Dimas III 'I Won't Love You Again / So Funny' 7"

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Orange vinyl.

After branching off from The Royal Jesters in the mid-1960s, Dimas Garza attempted a solo career and reinvented himself as Dimas III.
Dimas recorded three singles on the Jesters’ own Clown label, all tracked at Abie Epstein’s studio off General McMullen in San Antonio, TX.
The first were ‘So Funny’ and ‘I Won’t Love You Again’, which are almost impossible to find now.
Garza never did manage to break beyond the Bexar County limits, but he left a rich legacy of recordings behind for lowrider enthusiasts and obsessed collectors alike.

Catalogue number: ES084LP-C1
Condition: New
Label: Numero

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