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Eiafuawn ‘Birds In The Ground’ LP

Eiafuawn ‘Birds In The Ground’ LP

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Bee Yellow or Bunny White vinyl.

While Duster went into hibernation in the year 2000, Clay Parton’s four-track never stopped rolling.
Recorded alone at home over several years, ‘Birds In The Ground’ is an album of 30-something, post- 9/11 malaise.
Under his Eiafuawn (Everything Is All Fucked Up And What Not) acronym, Parton hides beneath layers of fuzzy and clean guitars, his hesitant, cottony vocal disappear into noise.
This deluxe pressing is packaged in a gorgeous tip on sleeve and includes the complete lyrics for this cryptic entry of the Dusterverse.
Available in either Bee Yellow or Bunny White coloured vinyl.

Condition: New
Label: Numero

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