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Ethan P. Flynn 'Abandon All Hope' LP

Ethan P. Flynn 'Abandon All Hope' LP

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Limited clear blue vinyl.

Yorkshire-born, London-based singer, songwriter, and producer Ethan P. Flynn announces details of his debut album, Abandon All Hope. Out 6 October via Young, Abandon All Hope pours twenty-four years' worth of experience into 8 eclectic tracks. Featuring backup vocals from rising singer, Ava Gore, Abandon All Hope is a bold statement to mark Ethan P. Flynn arrival as a true artist in his own right.


Abandon All Hope is the culmination of an intensely fruitful period of personal creativity that has seen the young artist collaborate with a host of familiar names including David Byrne, FKA Twigs, Jockstrap, and Vegyn. 44 minutes long, 22 minutes on each side (intentionally to be the traditional length of a 12” LP), recorded at Narcissus Studios in 12 days, the album is bound together by a unifying theme; an album in the old-fashioned sense. It recalls 70s greats like Randy Newman and Harry Nilsson while exploring feelings of longing and losing power to hope in situations of relationships, love, navigating anxiety, and the coming of age in the 21st century.


The album’s title single “Abandon All Hope” is the first released today alongside a self-directed music video by EthanP. Flynn and shot by CHILD studio (Pa Salieu, Anaiis, The xx). Reflective of the upbeat single, the cinematic“Abandon All Hope” video sees Ethan P. Flynn and back-up vocalist, Ava Gore, journey through the Yorkshire Dales

as they free themselves of the ties created by hope.


On the single, Ethan P. Flynn says “It started as a story about a highwayman in America, going around robbing people,” says Flynn. “He dies, and in purgatory he is forced to repeat the act of robbing his own family, on the road, for all time, until he repents and goes to Hell. The song is obscured and left with the theme of hopelessness. We’re in a hopeless time: war in Europe, Covid before that, and I wanted it to sound heavy as a response. Maybe it’s too rocking, but I was coming back to guitars on this album. The guitar is the focus.” And, this is just the first story to be shared from Ethan P. Flynn’s enriching and ambitious debut album.


Catalogue number: YO322LPE

Condition: New

Label: Young

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