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Flesh Eaters 'I Used To Be Pretty' 2xLP

Flesh Eaters 'I Used To Be Pretty' 2xLP

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The Flesh Eaters, LA's unconventional "supergroup", reunites classic 1981 lineup of Chris D, Dave Alvin, John Doe, Bill Bateman, Steve Berlin, and DJ Bonebrake for I Used to Be Pretty one of Los Angeles punk rock’s most widely admired yet little-heard bands makes a striking return as Yep Roc Records issues an all-new collection by The Flesh Eaters, I Used to Be Pretty. On the release, founding vocalist and songwriter Chris Desjardins — better known as Chris D. — is backed by the legendary “all-star” edition of the band, originally heard on the 1981 set A Minute to Pray, A Second to Die: Dave Alvin (guitar) and Bill Bateman (drums) of the Blasters; John Doe (bass) and D.J. Bonebrake (marimba and percussion) of X; and Steve Berlin (saxophones) of the Plugz (and later the Blasters and Los Lobos). The album was produced collectively by the band members. On five of the album’s 11 tracks, this superpowered unit is joined by Julie Christensen, Desjardins’ vocal partner in both The Flesh Eaters’ successor band Divine Horsemen and latter-day editions of the original group. The singers were married during the ’80s. I Used to Be Pretty is bookended by a pair of dramatic new songs. Desjardins says of Black Temptation, the ferocious leadout track, “I wanted to do that song for the Miss Muerte album in 2004, but we didn’t have me to work the music up.”


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Label: Yep Roc

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