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Françoise Hardy 'Comment Te Dire Adieu' LP

Françoise Hardy 'Comment Te Dire Adieu' LP

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180 gram vinyl, 2016 remaster.

“Comment Te Dire Adieu” is a 1968 studio album by French pop singer Francoise Hardy; published without title, except for the singer’s name on the cover, the album became known by the name of its most successful song, “Comment Te Dire Adieu” (“How To Say Goodbye To You”). The album features both original material and fine, evocative French interpretations of Leonard Cohen’s ‘Suzanne’, Phil Ochs’ ‘There But For Fortune’ and Ricky Nelson’s ‘Lonesome Town’. Overall, the album presents tastefully imaginative orchestration, strong melodies and sexy vocals, delivering more sentiment and sadness than the usual Francoise.


Catalogue number: 0190295993542

Condition: New

Label: Warner Music France

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