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Frank Zappa 'The Grand Wazoo' LP

Frank Zappa 'The Grand Wazoo' LP

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This 1972 album continues the mostly-instrumental, jazz-rock thread of Zappa's work, which began with Hot Rats and continued with Waka / Jawaka. It's a big-band setting this time, with lots of improvisation, with big brass, woodwind and percussion sections. Sal marquez, in particular, shines on trumpet. Zappa-philes will also recognize names like Aynsley Dunbar, Don Preston and George Duke. The five lengthy tracks include the witty 'Cletus Awreetus-Awrightus,' the intricate title track, the rock-edged 'For Calvin (and his Next Two Hitch-Hikers)', and the more lyrical 'Blessed Relief.'

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Label: UMR

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