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Gentle Giant 'In'terview [2023 Steven Wilson Remix]' LP

Gentle Giant 'In'terview [2023 Steven Wilson Remix]' LP

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Blue vinyl

In'terview was the 8th album by Gentle Giant, originally released in April 1976. Having toured non-stop with artists like Jethro Tull, Yes, Frank Zappa etc. the band had gone from stregnth to strength. By the time of their previous album, Free Hand, the bad had become a headliner in their own right.

In'terview utilises complex classical chord and time patterns, together with hard rock, blues, jazz and even medieval melodies, set them apart from other progressive groups of their time or since. Interview was a concept album based around an imaginary interview with the band, giving them the opportunity to satirize the music industry and it's relationship with the media.

Award winning producer and musician Steven Wilson has added his delicate touch in remixing In'terview. His tonal range and painstaking attention to sound quality make In'terview sound as fresh today as it did on first release.Steven has remixed In'terview in Dolby Atmos, 5.1 surround sound and stereo accompanied by custom animated visuals for each track. In addition, the original 1976 quad mix and an instrumental mix are all included.



Condition: New

Label: Chrysalis

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