Happy Mondays 'Bummed' LP

Happy Mondays 'Bummed' LP
Like many an influential album in rock history, the cultural significance of Happy Monday’s ‘Bummed’ was apparent to precious few listeners upon its first release on 5 November 1988. Within a decade or two, ‘Bummed’ would be hailed as one of the best records of the 80s, often by the self-same publications that had slated it back in the day - a harbinger of the seismic shift about to take place in British popular music, away from the squeaky-clean, corporately ordained pop-radio fodder which had increasingly dominated the charts since punk and back towards the more aggressive, unruly and experience-hungry urges which had always pulsed through rock & roll. This album is on vinyl for the first time since its original release. Features the singles ‘Wrote For Luck’ and ‘Lazyitis - One Armed Boxer”
Artwork lovingly replicated by original Manchester designers Central Station Design.

Catalogue number: LMS5521286

Condition: New

Label: London Records

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