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Harold Hutton & The Dells ‘Lucky Boy’ / ‘Thinkin’ About You’ 7"

Harold Hutton & The Dells ‘Lucky Boy’ / ‘Thinkin’ About You’ 7"

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Two more classic tunes from the Deptford Northern Soul Club dancefloor.
 Remastered for maximum effect.
Harold Hutton’s ‘Lucky Boy’ was originally on the
Chess sub-label, Checker.
Released in 1965, an original goes for around £50 these days.
‘Lucky Boy’ was the B-side of his debut single, ‘It’s A Good Thing’, which launched him on a career that included regular spots on Soul Train during the 1970s.
Filled with Motown-esque horn stabs, ‘Lucky Boy’ builds into a bongo-powered frenzy.
The super soulful Dells’ flipside from a year later was initially on Cadet, another Chess subsidiary originally called Argo.
Another £30-£50 gem, if you can find an original copy.
Typical of the band’s close harmony style, ‘Thinkin' About You’ is a mid-tempo groove with an insistent rhythm and some lush strings.
All topped with a heart-warming baritone vocal on a classic piece of soul romanticism.

Catalogue number: DNSCR034
Condition: New
Label: Deptford Northern Soul Club

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