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Irresistible Force VS Ramjac Corporation 'Live At The Brain 1990' LP

Irresistible Force VS Ramjac Corporation 'Live At The Brain 1990' LP

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An historical live recording at The Brain Club that captures the unique vibe and flow of a brand new life-changing musical era in 1990 London Soho. Includes liner notes by The Brain club co-owner Sean McLusky, writer ("Bass, Mids, Tops") and DJ Joe Muggs and original sleeve art by the other The Brain club co-owner Mark Wigan, like you were back there. For fans of ambient, acid house, and fucking brilliant live music!!

Back in the late 80s label owner Olivier Ducret entered 11 Wardour Street in London, home of the mighty Brain Club, a gallery · club · bar owned by Sean McLusky and Mark Wigan, where many (acid) house and techno visionaries played their early live on Thursday night to less than 50 people, that was quite intimate: Orbital, Simon Lovejoy, Mr Monday, If?, Doi-Oing, Nexus 21, Funtopia, Hi-Ryze, Adamski, 808 State, Ultramarine and of course, Mixmaster Morris's Irresistible Force and Irdial's RAMJAC Corporation. The energy and the creativity was incredible, at its peak, everything was fresh, innocent, naïve, new and oh so exciting. Boundaries in genre did not exist, and everyone was welcome aboard, no superstar, no business, just pure great fun. The crowd was eclectic, you could bump into Mark Moore or Neneh Cherry while the oung guns Andrew Weatherall or Steve Bicknell were spinning. This is most possibly where it all started for me & the label and this unique recording captures it all like no other, like a time capsule, impressively, and amazingly, a classic slice of British rave history unearthed via Switzerland. Just close your eyes and go back to the phuture.

Sean McLusky went on to set up Brainiak Records with Tim Fielding, the legendary Live At The Brain albums, then they went to mastermind various London clubs like Love Ranch, Club UK, Sonic Mook and Mr C's The End. Today Sean McLusky runs Whitechapel Gallery in Hackney where this album release party is held on 11.03.2022. Sean wrote liners notes for this album.

Mark Wigan was an influential pioneer of urban art in New York, Tokyo and London during the 1980s and 90s. Amongst other, he did the whole The Brain club visuals, as well as several records sleeves for Frankie Bones, A Guy Called Gerald and Bobby Konders. His work explores and responds to anthropology and subcultures, evoking a magical symbolism and the collective unconscious, ancient motifs and the beginning of language itself he has created a whole universe of compelling artworks. He was also involved in illustrating the London club scene. Mark draw the visuals for this album.


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