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Isis 'Mosquito Control / The Red Sea' 2xLP

Isis 'Mosquito Control / The Red Sea' 2xLP

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Double LP reissue of two of the band’s early EPs, packaged together with new artwork.
The music of ISIS is a suitable metaphor for their twelve-year career: patient, meticulous, fraught with tension and gradually building towards an apex of seismic proportions.
From the hypnotically bludgeoning down-tuned riffs of their early years, to the gracefully sprawling passages on their pivotal sophomore album, ‘Oceanic’, and continuing through the intricate rhythmic textures and increased melody of 2006’s ‘In The Absence of Truth’, ISIS have successfully navigated the process of growing and evolving without disavowing their initial vision.
25 years ago, the band released their first proper EP, ‘Mosquito Control’, which was followed up the next year with another EP, ‘The Red Sea’. Both have been out of print for some time now, so Ipecac are reissuing them together with updated artwork for this special edition package.
Available to independent retailers on black vinyl double LP.
Also being made available digitally for the first time, bringing more attention to the beginnings of this important band in heavy music.

Catalogue number: IPC268LP
Condition: New
Label: Ipecac

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