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Joachim Kühn 'Melodic Ornette Coleman' LP

Joachim Kühn 'Melodic Ornette Coleman' LP

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“Between 1995 and 2000 I was able to play sixteen concerts with Ornette. Before each concert he would write ten new pieces that we would work out and record during an entire week at his Harmolodic studio in Harlem, New York. Since he wanted me to contribute the cards (sounds) for his melodies, I was directly involved in the composition process.
“Once the concert was over, the songs would never be played again. I am now the only one who has all of the recordings and the sheet music for a total of 170 pieces. And after about twenty years, I have put together the most beautiful of his melodies and ballads and recorded them for piano solo. With the exception of ‘Lonely Woman’, none of the pieces has ever been released by Ornette.” - Joachim Kühn

LP pressed on 180g vinyl with digital download code.


Catalogue number: ACT97631

Condition: New

Label: Act Music
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