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Jon Hopkins 'Singularity' 2xLP

Jon Hopkins 'Singularity' 2xLP

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Black vinyl.

Domino mark the return of Jon Hopkins and his new album, ‘Singularity’, his first since 2013’s breakthrough, ‘Immunity’.

‘Singularity’ begins and ends on the same note: a universe beginning, expanding and contracting towards the same infinitesimal point. Where his hypnotic breakthrough album ‘Immunity’ charted the dark alternative reality of an epic night out, ‘Singularity’ explores the dissonance between dystopian urbanity and the green forest. It is a journey that returns to where it began - from the opening note of foreboding to the final sound of acceptance.

‘Singularity’ is intended to be listened to in one sitting, as a complete body of work.

“I have the most beautiful song for you, it is a MOMENT!” - Annie Mac


Catalogue number: WIGLP352X

Condition: New

Label: Domino
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